True Magic is a primer for transformation and empowerment. By combining elements from witchcraft, psychology, and emotional healing Brannen has created a practical, powerful, book for witches. It is closely intertwined, companionably, with her previous work, Keeping Her Keys. But Keeping focuses on working with a single Deity, Hecate. That said, many of the practices and rituals in each book could easily be combined and intertwined.

The core framework of True Magic is number seven:

"Seven as a magic number is found across magical traditions and mystical paths. True Magic combines the best of diverse esoteric, mystical, occult and spiritual perspectives to help you unleash your Inner Witch into SEVEN STEPS OF POWER."

There are seven steps for personal transformation, using the framework of a witch’s ladder, Healing, Relationships, Sovereignty, Growth, Connections, Abundance, and Wholeness. Each step includes information, practices, rituals, and correspondences like crystals, colors, and herbs. There are seven moon phases (new, waxing crescent, half waxing, full, half waning, waning crescent, and dark), each with distinct energies to draw upon and work with. There are seven chakras explored as part of a framework of energy and personal revelation.

A very mild criticism is that the book tries to appeal to a broad group of both newcomers (so we are told how to create an altar and a book of shadows) and experienced witches all at once. Overall I think it is hardest on the newcomer and Brennan does best when writing about shadow work and the journey into transformation. True Magic shines when it focuses on self-healing practices.

This is one of the best books I've seen so far in 2020 and I highly recommend it.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Cyndi Brannen
Moon Books, 2019
pp. 232, $18.95

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