Perennial favorite Dorothy Morrison always has good information and unusual perspectives, and Utterly Wicked is another one for the bookshelf. If you firmly believe that a "good" witch never hexes (or hurts), then Utterly Wicked is absolutely not for you.

In Utterly Wicked, Morrison supposes that you are at the end of your metaphorical rope. You're all cried out and just can't take it anymore. If you feel "called out" by Morrison's remonstration of those who use "Harm None" as a reason to not defend themselves, I suggest that you take a better look at the complete meaning of that phrase. When you are that passive and don't stand up for your own preservation you are harming yourself, an perhaps others.

That said, Morrison doesn't only offer hexes and curses. Actually, Utterly Wicked is one of the best collections of information on protection, cleansing, and blessings I've seen in quite a while. Ms. Morrison presents the information in an organized fashion making the spells easy to find based on purpose and is very clear on the outcome of each spell. Readers are given directions on how to use the magick that belongs to them, taking it step by step to show the crafting of a hex and the tools needed. Morrison also gives clear direction on when NOT to use this book.

Utterly Wicked is for every witch who ever wondered, "If I don't hex, then how can I heal?"

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Dorothy Morrison
Wesier Books, 2020
pp. 266