There are several instruction books uniting witchcraft with various other practices, astrology, tarot and tassology (tea leaf reading) among them. The Witch’s Book of Numbers offers a new take by combining numerology with witchcraft. As the title states, you can enhance your magic with numerology and the author proceeds to show you just how that works.

This book was well-thought out and planned out and begins with just the basics, introducing you to the core of the practice then gradually adding on the rest, It's an easy read, it just flows. But is it a short, simple explanation?  Absolutely not. The correspondences are thoroughly explained. In hinging the next logical  phase to the previous one, the author has connected all the dots.

Like any discipline, there are various facets that form the whole. You get to start simple and easy, learning the nine (9) basic numbers and their meanings. One (1) is a Trailblazer, 2 is a Peacemaker, 3 is a Communicator, 4 is the Salt of the Earth, 5 is a Changemaker, 6 is a Nurturer, 7 is a Seeker, 8 is a Powerhouse and 9 is a Humanitarian. Then the fun begins! Each number has its own chapter. An in-depth coverage of its many correspondences, how they work and why they're included. Each of the numbers is related to a certain part of the body and has its own mathematical shape, As you may have guessed, solid, stable number 4 is a square. Triangles belong to 3.

Next she links the number to its astrological sign and a gem or two, plus herbs and a goddess, Even better, each number is represented by a Tarot card. And in each chapter you're given a different tarot spread and an explanation of why that particular spread is used. Plus which Moon phase each number is linked to. Magical spells and rituals are included in the chapters with a discussion of how and why. So much useful information is a treasure indeed.

But before you get into that, there's a neat, comprehensive, fascinating  history of numerology, an explanation of the two main schools of thought, Chaldean and Pythagorean, and which one she uses and why. Along with that, you'll be introduced to the author's Significant Six and how it works. She'll teach you how to find at what age your personal turning point will be. After all that, the author isn't done yet..She'll show you how to make and use a Magic Square and its arrows of personality..

Depending on which magical path they follow, many witches have a secret, magical name they use with other witches or in a coven. How interesting to also use your magical name with the numerology instructions here.

If you want to add useful information on magical practices and rituals and fascinating numbers to your Book of Shadows, you'll find so much helpful lore in this book.

~review by Judy Blackstone

author: Rebecca Scolnick
Hierophant Publishing, 2022
229 pp. $23.99