The Witch’s Path is one of those unique books that truly can be for anyone ranging from beginner to advanced coven leader. There are a lot of books on the market that cover beginner practices or advanced practices, but not really any on the in-between, overwhelmed, stuck practitioner. I would love to say that I celebrate every sabbat, full moon, new moon etc., but the truth is, I don’t. In fact I am one of the people this book was written for. With working full time, both of my girls playing multiple sports, dealing with chronic pain issues, I have been guilty of skipping out and watching tv or reading a book in bed. The Witch’s Path book assists readers who feel stagnant, stuck, or getting into bad habits of neglecting their spiritual and magickal side. Thorn delivers a guide for those who feel wayward and need help finding their way back to their spiritual path.

The book is broken down into eight chapters that include: What exactly is Witchcraft?, Sacred Space, Devotion, Ritual and Magic, Personal Practice, Study, Community, and Challenges. Each chapter will have some information, relatable story or a personal account of the author followed up with various exercises. These are designed to help renew and invigorate the reader to climb out of the stagnant state and keep moving forward. Even if some of the subjects may be things the reader is well familiar with, the techniques and activities are written to help the witch evolve. I recommend doing them even if they feel more basic to help reinvigorate the readers love for the craft and rediscover their path.

The tone of the book is written in a friendly conversational way as if you might be sitting at a coffee shop chatting with a friend. She is approachable and her stories help the reader feel not alone in the feelings of being stuck or burned out.
I recommend this book for anyone who needs that little extra push to get moving again regardless of their expertise.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Thorn Mooney
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 224, $19.99