This album begins with the slick-down funkiest setting of a Ganesha mantra that I’ve ever heard. So I instantly fell in love with this CD! There was never any doubt that the merger of Jai Uttal’s chanting and the remixing magic of Rara Avis and Shaman’s Dream would be anything less than scintillating and fun. They’re welcome to rock my world anytime.

The songs are:
Ganesha Windmix
Govinda Jaya (Chill-Bient Mix)
Jai’s Dub Shack
Maha Dev (Retrograde Mix)
Nataraj – Black Phone
Radhe Govinda (Late Hour Mix)
Shri Krishna Govinda (DeSert Swellers Mix)
Dina Dayal
Hari Om (Running Horses Mix)
Gopala’s Dream

Uttal’s chants are genre-fused with electronica, yoga groove, adult-contemporary jazz with a side order of rock, and club mixes. These free-range musicians have no problem assembling an attractive magpie blend of instrumentation, vocal styles, and percussion and rhythmic styles. The tracks are four to nearly eight minutes long.

This album might be a bit too funky for using during serious rituals, but it’s great for sacred dance and energy raising! This is certainly a CD that is perfect to play at coven gatherings to get attendees in a good mood for circle-casting before, or for libations after. It’s upbeat, cheerful, and sophisticated. Recommended!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Jai Uttal, remix by Rara Avis and Shaman’s Dream
Sounds True, 2007
62 minutes. MP3 $9.49 (Amazon), $12.42 CD