An early draft of this review was: Wow. Um. She’s 19 and she, like, feels. But since that isn’t terribly useful, let me try it again.

According to her descriptions at and in her press kit, this 19-year-old woman has led an interesting life with a series of formative years that would lead most artists to sail out into uncharted waters. Unfortunately, the songs that she has written for her first EP, titled (wait for it) “EP,” stay perilously close to the shore. A boy turned me on!  A housewife is unappreciated by her husband! A boy ignored me! If this album works out you’ll wish we’d dated! I’m dumping a boy! 

What saves “EP” from being thoroughly forgettable is the simple fact that Amy is good.  Really good. Granted, the songs aren’t earth-shattering, but in them you can hear a young artist trying to find her footing. And if she can’t seem to decide at times if she’s writing pop or show tunes, well, at least they’re decent tunes either way. Bottom line? If you are limited to buying only a few CDs each year, Amy Kuney’s first disc does not have to end up on the list – especially if it would displace one of your favorites. However, if you’re looking to take a chance on someone new, you could do a lot worse than “EP.”


~review by John Casker and Lisa Mc Sherry

By Amy Kuney

Spin Move Records, 2006