With a voice like early Sarah McLaughlin, but lacking her downbeat introspective melancholy, Dolores Degenais’ third album, Songs for the Moon, is a lovely collection of songs. They are personal and poignant, busing events in her life, dreams she’s had, ritual work (by implication) she’s done.


The vocals are simple – just the occasionally use of her own voice as a backup to enhance the richness of the sound. Accompanied by her guitar, this album is stripped down and spare. Another comparison might be to Jewel’s early music, but without the whine, and in a (thankfully) deeper register. The lyrics are also much less self-absorbed. The themes are Pagan – Circle of Friends, for example, is a repetition of “Earth Air Fire Water Energy/ Dance in a Circle of Friends” that builds and intertwines in such a way that you could use it to cast sacred space.


I’m not normally a fan of folk rock music, but this album has won me over.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Dolores Dagenais

CD,  $10