I'm not a fan of holiday music for the most part. I find it repetitious and usually filled with embellishments that make once-nice songs into the musical equivalent of blowsy dames well past their prime calling out to wealthy patrons.

I love every piece on Kyle Pederson's 12.25.

Recorded in a Lutheran Church, it's as if you are sitting just a few feet away. The sound is rich and elegant with a touch of jazz elements shaking up the tempo just a bit.

Every song should be familiar to me, but most are done so well that only fragments of the originals songs are presents. Instead you have a collection that takes you deep into the glory of winter. I heard styles reminiscent of George Winston and Schroeder from Peanuts, and I mean that as a compliment.

This is music I want to share, to play while I am reading a book, keeping warm by the fire. If you love classical piano, you'll enjoy this album.

Highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Kyle Pederson
Kyle Pederson, 2011