Yes, the title of this album is a paradox and to Michael Samson, this album and life itself is meaningfully so.  He does a masterful job of showing this to us by leading us, with over an hour of music, on a journey from the mundane to the magical.
He includes a brochure with this CD wherein he explains with short poems how he was inspired to compose each piece. In this manner, he allows us inside his own head and it is quite an interesting place to visit. The brochure also has photos of him and the places that inspired him.

He defines this album in his own words, “The story of A Still Motion is one of paradox, contrast, transition and evolution. When I say this, I mean it both literally and figuratively.” The title song expands on this concept.

The range of his music on this CD is nearly unbelievable. There are gentle melodies and deep and strong melodies, not only in a difference between pieces, but at times, even in the same piece. Far from putting one to sleep, this music demands our attention. It creates visuals in one’s mind. While Michael is playing, he is his music and his music is he and he shares fully with us.

By visiting his website, you can listen to his music and read the poems for each piece. He also has various packages for those who may want more than just the CD. I would urge you to visit his site and listen for yourself.

~review by Jae Napolitano

Artist: Michael Samson
Still Motion Productions, 2008
66 minutes, $14.99