This CD is a retrospective compilation of compositions written over nearly thirty years. The pieces chosen for this presentation each reflect a memory, emotion, hope or desire. Music is Chadburn’s way of communicating his inmost thoughts to others.

This is a lovely collection. It includes fourteen solo piano works. The first track “Awakening” is a lavish and expressive song that blends highs and lows on the piano while expostulating a beautiful lyrical melody. Further tracks are:

2    Joyful Morning
3     Healing Waters
4     Crossroads
5     Shelton Rain
6     Tears of Angels
7    Love is Love
8     Falling Forward
9     Lazy Sky Afternoon
10    Kal-Boy
11    Heroes
12    Country Harvest
13    An Evening in Florence
14    Lullaby for Peace

Chadburn includes a substantial variety in his textures, melodies, chord progressions, rhythms, and pacing. There’s also a range of inspirations and moods. The songs flow smoothly from one to the next.

This is a desirable collection from an experienced pianist that’s perfect for gentle listening, meditation, and some healing modalities.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Daniel Chadburn
Daniel Chadburn, 2016
14 tracks
CD $12.97, mp3 download $9.99 on CD Baby.