With Cue, Ken Elkinson has given us eleven songs to uplift our spirits and provide us with smiles.


The title song definitely shows Ken’s mastery of the piano.  This is music to sway your body to, to relax to, to dream with. This is the first time that the solo artist has included a vocal track on a CD.  The last song is titled Beautiful Sadness, composed and performed by Tom Freund.


There is no “same old, same old” with this artist.  Each album he gifts us with is different.  He takes us along with him as he wends his way through finding new paths for his skill and talent.


All of Ken Elkinson’s music can be sampled at his website listed below.  You don’t wish to miss Cue.


review by: Jae Napolitano

Artist:  Ken Elkinson

Released by:  August Son Productions

p. $12.00