Chadburn can be relied upon to produce an album of beautiful piano music. The theme of his fifth album honors influential individuals. The musician wrote songs in twelve different keys for each person whose lives have touched his own with friendship, love, companionship, teaching, innocence lost, courage, peace and memories. Chadburn says “Light connotes living and growing. Someone else’s light can be a positive force or an inspiration for others.”

On this album, piano is mix with classical orchestral instrumentation. The album begins and ends with piano solos. The rest of the songs include other instruments – flute, English horn, French horn, violin, viola, cello, and a synthesizer. After the success of his previous album “Whispers the Falling Snow” (which would still be an awesome Yule gift), this is an album worth listening to.

The songs feature lovely melodies and sophisticated compositional structures with advanced harmonic development from section to section. Track 3 “Keys of Light” and Track 8 “To the Heavens” are absolutely gorgeous and romantic. Two of the tracks, “Tyler’s Tribute” and “Matthew” were inspired by two young men who died far too young because of cyber-bullying and gay-bashing. The final Track 12 is a lovely rendition of the popular ballad “Color My World.”

This album does not disappoint! The music is sophisticated but never remote. Chadburn conveys a soulful sense of meaning and emotion through his piano playing and the melodic material in his exquisite compositions. It’s well worth acquiring for those who enjoy neo-classical music and top-notch piano playing. The music is thoughtful, ravishing, and warms the heart chakhra like an altar covered with candles.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Daniel Chadburn
Daniel Chadburn, 2015
CD - $19.12, mp3 - $8.99.