Linger Longer is solo pianist Laura McMillan second album. With it, she presents a dozen original compositions representing her thoughts and feelings about life -- from remembering the innocence of childhood to losing someone you love, from cherishing special memories to praying for a better understanding of our world.

“Say I am having a wonderful afternoon in a gorgeous outside setting, especially with someone I love, and I am enjoying looking at the lush, green scenery and flowers, trees, the ocean, blue skies and white clouds, and I feel a breeze caress my skin. Those are the golden moments in our lives that you wistfully wish could last longer. Even when I was a child, I was the one who didn’t want the merry-go-round to stop,” explains McMillan.

McMillan has been playing and teaching classical music all her life, which is apparent in her technical skill. On this album she blends traditional classical piano elements with modern new age and neo-classical motifs to create her own sound. She often employs tempo changes within a composition which builds excitement and makes the listener wonder what direction she will head next. At times McMillan balances heavy chording with delicate runs, keeping both hands active, developing a variety of moods and passionate feelings with the music.

Dedicated to the memory of her mother, Maureen Serres, the album contains the piece "Wings," composed the night her childhood friend's son was shot in the head by a neighbor boy. McMillan has donated all proceeds from this piece to help the Stokes family with their medical expenses, and has also performed a benefit concert to help raise funds for Austin's ongoing care. The song itself never dissolves into despair, but remains hopeful while also reflective.

A lovely collection. Recommended.

~review by: Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Laura McMillan
Laura McMillan, 2011