Much instrumental music sort of slides right past me . . . unless it’s some sort of techno derivative. I grew up listening to most of the genre known as classical, so that richness and variety remains my touchstone and basis for comparison. Generally, most instrumental music is  . . . pretty.

Ben Woolman’s Many Moods is nothing as light or dismissible as ‘pretty.’ Yes, it is easy to play  in the background of your next gathering, the one where conversation and good food is far more important than drinking. But the real pleasure comes when listening to it while not engaged in anything distracting. Many Moods has depth and variety. This is a complex group of instrumentals that interweave and connect in highly imaginative, and accessible, ways.


Many Moods is Woolman’s 10th album, one that combines his long-developed repertoire of Folk, Blues, Jazz, Neo-Classical, Latin, Celtic, and African. There are eight original compositions, rounded out by the Police (“Invisible Sun”), Blind Blake (“Blake Says”) and James Horner (“Legends of the Fall”). Based on what I’ve heard, it’s worth going back and listening to all of the others.

Highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Artist: Ben Woolman

Ben Woolman, 2010

CD  43 mins, $14.95