Visualize walking through a meadow of wildflowers and stopping only to pick the most interesting ones.  With Opal, Ken Elkinson has created that on his piano.


Before listening to the melodies on this CD, one must read the title of each song first.  The music is true to the titles.  But, even though the title might tell you what to expect, you’re still in for a surprise.  Just when you think the music of a particular song is going one way, Ken takes it in a different direction.


Each song builds on the one before it with the last coming back to the first, making the whole experience a circle of evoked emotion.


I’d describe this solo artist’s album as “edgy”.   It is definitely not music to go to sleep to.  It’s music to experience your emotions with.



~review by Jae Napolitano

Artist:  Ken Elkinson

Released by:  August Son Productions