Portal is magnificent! Comprised of ten musical arrangements, three of which are piano solos written and performed by Ms Adam, each musical arrangement is melodious, soothing and calming, enabling one to let go of their tension/stress, aiding in the achievement of creating a state of peace and inner balance within ones self.


Additionally, Ms. Adam has created an accompanying meditation DVD entitled Portal to Avalon. The DVD enhances the exquisite music with a harmonious blend of imagery, landscape themed pictures that were taken by during her journeys in Scotland, including megaliths, such as the Callanish Stones. The music and imagery are synchronized to where they flow in perfect symmetry with one another, moving one to a place of inner quietness.


No matter whether you have the time to sit down and watch the DVD or just listen to the CD, either format of Portal brings peace and soothing calmness to ones being. It has become a most valued CD/DVD in my collection, destined to be played and viewed repeatedly in the years to come. I highly recommend this CD/DVD set.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Artist: Margie Adam

Pleiades Records, 2005