Wow. Talk about a turnaround. Matt Millechia is well known for his work in Metal Rock and Punk bands for the past 20 years. Now he’s written and co-produced, of all things, a NEW AGE instrumental album, Silhouette of a Season. That takes guts.

It’s also good.

Silhouette of a Season is 12 songs, each of which has a natural beauty that pleases the ear. The songs are pleasant to the ear and make great atmosphere creators – one of the main reasons New Age exists as a genre. In reading Mr. Millechia’s bio, I see that he has a background in Math and Physics, both of which show up in the precision and elegance of the notes he’s composed and their arrangements.

If you like the old Windham Hill works (you know, the people who made George Winston a household name), you are going to like Silhouette of a Season. The attitude is contemplative, serene, and enjoyable.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Artist: Matt Millechia

Matt Millechia, 2008

CD 51 mins, $14.25