McMillan is an American pianist and composer. This CD follows “Linger Longer”, a musical offering that received much airplay and won Artist and Album of the year from One World Music (UK).

“Storybook Love” is a concept album that focuses on love and relationships. It begins with childhood dreams of love with the songs “For Our Children” and “Playground Memories.” Later songs relate to stages in the highs, lows, thrills and disappointments of love. McMillan composed all of the music presented in this CD. Her goal was to capture the various emotions in the songs.

The album’s 14 songs are:
1. The Way It Goes
2. For Our Children
3. Playground Memories
4. Hard to Say Goodbye
5. Enchanted
6. Porch Swing
7. Transitions
8. Promise of Spring
9. What Might Have Been
10. The Chase
11. Lavender Roses
12. Happy Ending
13. Getting There
14. Storybook Love

The pianist’s background in classical music shines through. The songs have classical textures and pacing as well as traditional harmonic progressions. The New Age and contemporary adult genres are also a part of McMillan’s influences that are evident in “Enchanted” and “The Promise of Spring.” The most compelling song is the title track. It features an enjoyable melody and a variety of pianistic textures. 

The recording sounds a bit muddy when the artist plays heavily in the lower registers, and overall isn’t as crisp as some piano recordings.

This is a CD for people who like to listen to solo piano recordings. People who feel the need for some inspiration in their love lives may enjoy this concept album, which is dedicated to being in love and making dreams come true. 

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Laura McMillan
Perhaps Piano Records LLC, 2014
14 tracks, 55 minutes
In CD format or digital downloads at CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes and other sites