This solo piano album provides moments of insightful reflection. The music is soft and tender, lovely for resting and dreaming. Each piece is based on the pianist-composer’s memories of the past.

Wall demonstrates how the piano can speak in different ways through a variety of harmonies and progressions, textures, repeated and restated riffs, and melodic styles. The pieces follow one after the other like a series of impressionistic poems for the piano. Wall has a light touch and uses pauses very effectively.  

This is a great album to choose for a quiet moment with friends, for healing modalities, for contemplation, and for doing any kind of creative work. Recommended for listeners who enjoy peaceful solo piano music.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: By Laura Christie Wall
Blue Spiral Records, 2020
8 tracks, 29:41 min. Mp3 $9.49 (AMZ)
CD review - neoclassical