Norian is the founder of the music group Shakti Fusion. This CD features two lengthy tracks: 1. Celestial Abode (42:14) and 2. Bija (28:06). The musical style is a fusion of East and West. Traditional western instruments, synthesizers, drumming and orchestration familiar to New Age aficionados are blended with Asian instruments and gentle, melodic Sanskrit chants that sometimes offer a bass ostinato pedal to floating chords. This CD is immensely soothing and relaxing, providing continuous sounds without interruption. Norian’s blended instrumentation, vocals, and sound engineering is tasteful and entrancing, and gives an aura of sacred space.

Other CDs by Noria include “Deep Peace: Music for Yoga and Relaxation”, “Intimate Moments” (mellow piano improvisation), and “Shakti Fusion” (Sanskrit chants blended with jazz, rock and Afro-Cuban rhythms).

This CD is superb for rituals, meditations, sleep, massage, and yoga practice. The serene musical ambiance wraps the listener in profound yet soothing sacred sound. Highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Todd Norian
2003 (70:20 minutes)