The image on the CD cover is of a horseman traveling across the surface of an alien planet, and this is the theme Wenzel used when composing the songs. The music relates the presence of an individual to the universe. It is both metaphorical and allegorical and approaches the notion of meeting the unknown and unknowable with integrity.

The primary instrumentation is piano, and drums with synth, guitar, and violin bits sprinkled throughout. The album begins in a pleasant and unthreatening way. Tracks 1, 2, and 3 are relaxed and melodic. The pace picks up a bit in track 4 “A Night So Cold.” The song evokes outer space and alien realms.

Wenzel has developed a distinctive style of New Age composition that’s appropriate for relaxation, deep-breathing, group workings and gentle exercise routines. The music is light, traditionally melodic, and harmonically simple. The persistent 4/4 time signatures and keyboard arpeggios become monotonous, but true New Age music is supposed to be easily digestible. It’s a bit too bland. Wenzel has produced several CDs, and this isn’t his best.

The album will be useful and enjoyable to those who need uncomplicated background sound with upbeat and cheerful melodies in major keys.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Timothy Wenzel
Timothy Wenzel, 2016
12 tracks, 48 minutes
CDBaby download $9.99, CD $12.97