Gabrielle Roth is the multi-talented force behind the music of "Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors." Dance is her main pursuit and the music was created to enhance the dance as it follows her "Five Rhythms of the Soul". Although her books go into detail about these rhythms, her music stands on its own. The key element to her music is beat. It is expressed in her recordings with much soul and in various tempos. Each of her CD's uses known and unknown musicians to help her achieve some of the most professional and powerful rhythms available. The Five Rhythms are a series of movement experiences designed by Ms. Roth to help people of all ages and physical conditions shed their inhibitions and rediscover the benefits of motion. Dancing the Five Rhythms is not difficult; if you let the dance take you then you'll find a new you on the other side...every time. This healing cycle refers to states of being, particularly of your own dance, which can serve as a mirror for your life or events within it. Get into your body and out of your mind. As Ms. Roth says, "If you don't do your dance, who will?" "The Wave 3" is the soundtrack to The Power Wave video – a high intensity combination of music and narration to support you through the Five Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness). "The Wave 4" is the soundtrack to The Inner Wave, another video. This track concentrates on the rhythm of stillness, a wonderful contrast to the CD’s other track.  Gabrielle Roth's groundbreaking work using dance for transformation continues to be a powerful, fun, and healing practice for me as well as many thousands of other people around the world. Although you may just listen, Endless Wave is a soundtrack for your own transformative dance to emerge.  As Ms. Roth says: “We were all born to move, to surrender to the beat.  Your soul is a dancer.”  This CD is another in the series in which you can continue to receive guided, practical, instruction in this work in your own space. A word of caution: don’t listen to Wave II (or any of Ms. Roth’s work) unless you are willing to change your life! This powerful CD literally rocked its way into my heart, and completely captivated me.  She is the dance of which she speaks with so much love and enthusiasm, and it is contagious. The rhythms pulse directly to the heart, and your feet may never be still again. ~review by Lisa Mc SherryArtist: Gabrielle Roth and The MirrorsRaven Recording/The Moving Center