Singer-songwriter Cynthia Hart is inspired by metaphysics, nature and spirituality. This is her second CD. The theme of the album is past lives and ancient civilizations. The songs are intended to help the listener connect with the soul’s purpose and past lives to heal inner pain and embrace forgiveness.

The music is inspired by soft pop. It’s relaxed with a gentle rhythmic background. Bird song and nature sounds are integrated into the recordings. Hart has a smooth, professional voice. She’s backed up by guitar, piano, flutes, synth, and a range of percussion. Some songs feature Hart speaking over the music.

1.    Music of the Earth
2.    Lemurian Dreamer
3.    I Forgive
4.    Love Is Forever
5.    Sisters of the Moon
6.    I Am
7.    Listen with your Heart
8.    Atlantis
9.    I Celebrate Your Life
10.    You Are Loved Come Home

Sometimes the lyrics work, sometimes they don’t. Some lyric lines are recycled from other songs (“I love you forever and a day”). Pagans performing rituals could use “Sisters of the Moon” for a circle-casting; this is one of the most original tracks on the CD. Hart’s pop-ballad singing style is somewhat odd in the new-age music context; she tends to get off-pitchy in the upper range.

The songs are written in a style reminiscent of the 1970s singer-songwriter material. The supporting musicians, mixing, and engineering are very nice quality. A lot of effort was put into creating this album.

Hart’s music will be best appreciated by listeners who are fond of the pop sound mixed with inspirational messages.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Cynthia Hart
2016 (released June 17)
10 tracks, 62:12 minutes, CD $12.99
Available at CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and others.