Deuter is a long-time favorite so I was pleased to get the opportunity to review his new CD. Immortelle  offers surprises for long-time fans; all of the songs on this CD were inspired by medicinal plants and flowers.

This new source of inspiration has resulted in music that leans further toward neo-classical sound than Deuter has produced in the past. His world-music roots are evident in his instrumentation, but the compositions and sounds definitely lean toward classical music traditions. Whatever makes Deuter tick, whatever puts music in his head, the flowers worked wonders! His music seems more refreshed and is more refreshing.

Track 1: “Monarda” opens with a lyrical cello melody backed by a string quartet. It’s elegant and soothing. Track 2: “Sonnenbraut” includes flute and chimes, and has a more east-west flavor. This 10 minute track gives the composer plenty of time to explore themes, melodic variations, and instrumental mixes. Other inspiring plants include lily of the vally, vervain, binsuga, immortelle (track 7) and cumaru.

I was so enchanted with this CD that I got copies for my green witch friends for Yule gifts! It is a fantastic album for anyone who does healing work and enjoys plants.

What most impressed me about this album is the subtle transition and development in Deuter’s composition style. It reveals greater mastery and control, as well as evidence that he is reaching to new sources of inspiration. Maybe next he’ll be inspired by trees! One can only hope.

Top notch, highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Deuter
New Earth Records, 2016
 8 tracks, 60 minutes
CD $12.92, mp3 $9.49.