Deuter is a Santa Fe Reiki practitioners and musician who uses a wide range of Japanese and oriental instruments in combination with synthesized keyboards and natural ambience. He has produced several CDs that all focus on meditation and healing. This particular CD has an especially lovely blend of oriental flutes and string instruments that’s incredibly relaxing and soothing.

The cuts on this CD are gentle and transport the listener into soothing head-space. Where some of Deuter’s CDs edge toward bland New Age background music (no! don’t go there!), “Koyasan” demonstrates greater originality and variety in the melodic and harmonic content. While never harsh or overtly rhythmic, the eight instrumental pieces on this CD pulse with gentle energy and entrancing melodies. The oriental touches give greater variety of sound and texture, and create another unique fusion of East-West musical sounds and styles.

Wonderful for massages, meditation, rituals or simple relaxation – this is the Deuter CD to get.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Deuter
New Earth Recording, 2006