This is a charming and relaxing CD.


The CD styles itself “New Age” and while it is hard to pin down what any one person can mean by “New Age”, I would agree with the CD liner notes that Vivan Khor drew inspiration from such music as the theme from “Ice Castle” and “Nadia’s Theme”.


Now, I personally don’t care for either “Ice Castles” or “Nadia’s Theme” because I think they’re saccharine-sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of music on this disc.


Vivian Khor is an accomplished pianist, and the compositions are built around a smooth piano core. There are deft undertones and interludes of acoustic blends that reminded me of rain forests, beaches, forests and meadows. Ms. Khor mixes a bit of “zest” into her performance, relieving this music of the aforementioned “saccharine” qualities.


This is music for the quiet spirit, soothing and calming. I enjoyed listening to this as background music and found it to be overall uplifting and I will definitely include this music as background for my reiki treatments.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Artist: Vivian Khor

Delvian Records, 2003

playing time: 52 minutes $12.98