Ever since I bought Sacred Earth Drums in 1994 on a cassette and later purchased the CD, once it was available in that format, it has remained one of my all-time favorite Native American CD’s. I listen to this CD whenever I feel disconnected from the Ancestors and/or Mother Earth, sometimes for meditation purposes, and I always play this CD when I am performing my own private Native American ritual. 


The Gordon brothers have combined drums from around the world, incorporating the Northern Plains Indian Loon Bill Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, and nature sounds, which include animal sounds from the wolf, eagle, coyote, and dolphin, Spirit Rattles, and guitars. Their studio finesse, including the mixing of the sounds via a synthesizer, is phenomenal, creating a musical album that is not only beautiful and relaxing to listen to, but also transports one on a Shamanic Journey to a time long ago before the Long Knives came with their visions of destroying the sacred ways of native life.


When one truly connects with the music in this album, they are reminded of life’s sacred movement within their own life and within all life via the sacred Circle of Life and are inspired to walk in balance, always striving to honor the sacredness within all life.

 Join me in listening to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, feel the sacredness of life, become one with Mother Earth and all natural things, feel within yourself peace and harmony, reverence for Mother Earth and all of nature. 

I cannot recommend this CD highly enough. In this reviewer’s opinion, Sacred Earth Drums is an album that is essential to have, and a fine addition to one’s musical library.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Artist: David & Steve Gordon

Sequoia Records, 1998