Rob Silvan, who has composed and arranged the music on this CD, has taken poems and formed them into songs. Some of the poetry is “Sacred Poetry” that runs the gamut of religions. Silvan also provided additional lyrics for some of the poems.

Many of the songs are from poets we all will recognize, Yeats, Elliot, Rumi, Dickinson as well as some from Psalms. Three accomplished vocalists, Michael Crouch, Megan Sullivan and Melissa Spevacek, perform the songs. All three of them have a haunting sound that fits well with this type of lyrics.

The instruments, flute, bass, sax, cello, drums, and Silvan on the piano, provide a soft background for the lyrics and could be described as “New Age” music. The whole effect is very relaxing.

Even people who don’t usually appreciate “religious” music, can find this CD to be easy listening.


~review by: Jae Napolitano

Composed and Arranged by: Rob Silvan

Producer:  Ron Silvan, 2006 Release