This is another production from the fabulous mystical duo Halonen and Syversen. The music is soft and meditative. It’s intended to accompany inner journeys and healing processes. The channeled music has frequencies that resonate with the body, a “needle-energy similar to the ancient practice of acupuncture with the needle!”

The album has three very long tracks:
 My Journey to True Love (16:50)
 Rainbow Bridge (20:49)
 Hymn to the Lost Souls (19:58)

Each song features long, flowing melodies with mellow harmonies. Runar Halonen sings a wordless melody over the accompaniment on the tracks. His voice is soft and hypnotic. Singer Helene Edler Lorentzen is featured on “Rainbow Bridge.” This track involves a more complex development of the melodies and harmonies. The accompaniment is keyboard-synthesizer with very light percussive pulsing in the background. Track 3: Hymn to the Lost Souls is an ethereal piece that is utterly relaxing and peaceful.

This CD is clearly intended for meditation, total relaxation and healing modalities. It is quite fine for any kind of body work. The songs are beautifully produced and mixed. The music elevates the listener into a higher frame of mind, into a peaceful, untroubled world that’s stress-free and sublime. Recommended!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen
Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen, 2016
3 tracks, 57:37 mins.
CD $12.99, MP3 $3.87