Every Thought is Shauna Burns’ stellar debut album.  The music is a rollercoaster ride – alternating between soft, soothing melodies and vibrant songs that shake you up.  Although she is often described as a cross between Lorena McKennitt and Tori Amos, she has a unique style all to herself.  She would be perfect for listeners looking for something different.


All the songs were written by her, and reflect her innermost thoughts and feelings.  The sweeping compositions are a true pleasure, but the edgy lyrics are worth listening to as well.  It is difficult to pick a favorite song, as each has its own charm and is a treasure in its own right.  However, the sweeping melodies of Heaven and the hypnotic energy of Castle in my Cloud rank highest on my list.


Shauna Burns is truly a gifted singer, songwriter and pianist.  This is one of those cds you’ll find yourself playing over and over again.  You definitely don’t want to miss this up-an-coming artist.


~review by Jennifer Erwin
Artist: Shauna Burns

Red Rock Music LLC, 2005