If you are hungry for something new and inviting in women's music, might I suggest the fresh tasting music of Soul Sal­ads debut CD, In the Garden. This all women en­semble is serving up all sorts of flavors and grooves to sooth your soul. In the Garden is a energizing and unique blend of women powered eclectic originals.


Once you sample band leader Iris Clearwaters unique and inspiring flute and vocals, spiced with a touch of banjo, you will be well on your way to working up an appetite for more. Cheri Nunamakers elec­tric wild and funky surfing guitar rhythms and the enchanting, evocative and un-equaled voice and percussion of Julianne Marx will entice you into another serving of this delectable combination of tunes. Spicy driving rhythms from Tammy DuBow come through clearly as drums blend with the melodic, flowing and tranc­ing riffs of bass played by Megan Guppy.


In the Garden is not your touchy feely women's chant music. This is an all out go for it recording, and these women re­ally rock it! Soul Salad had alot of fun making this CD and embrace a variety of (hemes, sounds and styles within their mu- sic. Soul Salad offers a zesty wake up from Ihe same old stuffbeing served up. "Black Beauty" is a enticing song to the moon and "Thunder Goddess" is a up and at it tune, that will have you singing "Thunder God­dess, I embrace... Thunder Goddess come my way, oh hey, change is under way." My favorite title "She Who Watches" is an deep melodic song to mermaids, mother ocean and an entire list of ocean goddesses from around the world. If you are ready to try out something new and exciting in the realm of women's music, eat up your Soul Salad, you'll be glad you did!


~review by Nora Cedarwind

Artist: Soul Salad

Soul Salad