Makin’ History is the debut CD from Jennifer Getz, a self-taught guitarist and songwriter from Los Angeles. Her music is easy to listen to, she sings in a style similar to Sheryl Crowe, and is clearly an accomplished guitarist. 


The music is very easy to listen to and I found the rhythms soothing. I was foot-tapping or head bobbing during a lot of the songs, which surprised me a bit since the theme of the CD is about broken relationships, heartache and, yes, even the relief you feel when you realize it was wise to leave despite the pain. Ms. Getz captures the sentiments we’ve all had if we’ve broken up, moved away or wish we would have


The lyrics aren’t whiney or overly sentimental. They are the words of a strong woman taking stock of her situation: from You, “I’m much more me when I’m on my own. I’m not the role I play at home, I liked you more before you became you”, and from On a Plane, “Guess I’m something you got used to. Guess that’s something that grows on you like a bad trip.”


This not an ‘in your face’ CD, rather, it’s one where the music and lyrics blend, so I listened to the CD for quite a while before turning to the liner notes for lyrics. Now, here’s my one disappointment; the font for the liner notes is very difficult to read, especially over the pictures. That’s a small detail, but if you read the notes for anything, you usually read them for lyrics or artist information, and this was difficult. Other than that, I enjoyed this CD, and hope I hear more from this artist.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Artist: Jennifer Getz

John Herron and Jennifer Getz, 2004

43 mins, $19.99