Ritual Tools

If you like Spanish guitar you will love this album: think Ottmar Liebert meets trance electronica meets Carlos Santana. Yum. From the opening notes I was dancing in my seat (and yes, it is very hard to type and dance at the same time). Filled with chants, overdubs, percussion, Arabic influences and Spanish guitar this album brings together many of the qualities that make world music so wonderful.


The album begins with the completely danceable (flamenco meets club) “Munderavera.” African based drums merge with Spanish guitar on the excellent “Ye Ye” and both “Mira” and “Dolcezza” share the limelight as probably the best tracks on the album. The vocals are my least favorite aspect of the album; they tend to sound a little flat and nasal – reminiscent of the Yemenite style of singing.


Highly recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Artist: Priyo

Sounds True, 2007

CD, 48 minutes,$17.98