Are you a tarot reader of long-standing who wants to add more depth to your readings or bring in a new element? Or are you new to the world of tarot looking for a book to explain it all to you?

Your prayers have been answered! Such a book does exist. It's called  Twelve-House Tarot Spreads by Elizabeth Hazel, a practiced tarotist. She knows a lot and she's willing to share it with you, She'll open the door for you and set you on the path to understanding.

Don't be daunted by the size of the book. Inside is a wealth of knowledge. But you'll have to work for it. There are no silver platters here.

That;s why I jokingly but respectfully refer to Ms. Hazel as the Queen of Brain Drain. Anything she puts her pen to is profound. She's not a fluff writer. But fear not! She doesn't just tell it to you. She shows you every step of the way, with several illustrations accompanying the text. This book will definitely help you hone your skills and whet your appetite for more.

There is one little caveat. The book is fairly astrology-based. There is an introductory tutorial at the start but you'll be far better off if you have some astrological knowledge beforehand.

There are a variety of 12-house spreads in the book.Each one teaches you how to expand your knowledge and get it to all hang together. Carefully, you'll get to see how each card relates to the others to form a cohesive whole. This isn't just "this is what's going to happen." This is what, why, when and where. And even how, Chapter 7 is the author's personal creation for a simpler, less complex spread. But for those who also practice astrology, there are shortcuts here to using tarot readings in place of certain charts.

The author uses a 12-house spread to supplement a solar return chart to indicate the events and people that will be significant in the coming year,The last chart is an ancient method for using a tarot spread as an horary chart.

You even get a bonus: printable spread forms for 17 different spread variations.

When you read this book, allow yourself time to read it and digest it because you're going to chew on it for awhile. But when you're done, you'll have a leg up on any readers in your area. You'll be in demand. People will wait in line to see you because you're that good.

~review by Judy Blackstone

Elizabrth Hazel
Kozmic Kitchen Press, 2020
114 pp., $23.48