Steven D. Farmer brings us 48 Earth Magic oracle cards based on his book Earth Magic. The imagery within the cards is the compilation of different artists work and are on a large 5”x3 1/2 “laminated stock that is capable of withstanding often use.  The back side of each card appears to be a tree of life at first glance but then upon further inspection is actually a tree with the horizon behind it. The tree is being reflected within the water, in the form of a small pond, in front of it. It appears that you are viewing the scene from a telescope or lens of some sort, since you have an upper and lower curved border putting the image into a circular viewing perspective.  This image is also depicted within the deck as the “Tree” with the meaning of “Grounding”.

The opposite side of each card is horizontally unbordered carrying the design from one side to the other. However, there is a vertical curved border at the top of the page taking up about ¼ of the upper portion of the card to list the “Earth Element” and the “Meaning” of each card.  Because the illustrations within the deck are done by multiple artists, you are not going to have a continuous style running throughout the deck. Some images are scenes, pictures, drawings, designs, etc. There are multiple styles and forms of imagery included but each portraying its own meaning.  I do not see any distinction of suits or reference to the tarot incorporated within this deck.

Overall, the colors within the deck are rich and beautiful.  The deck features the Earths elements and the natural forces we associate with her. The meanings given on each card serves as a fantastic prompt word to get you on the right path and ignite the thoughts the image provokes. The companion book offers an elaboration on the meaning of each card along with a black and white image of the card on the page. Further, it then offers the reader a way you might interpret that card in connection with your life or the one for whom you are reading for.

The book is 170 pages and the same dimensions as the cards, allowing it to be carried or packed in smaller spaces. The image on the cover is of Mother Earth covered in her “children”, plant life, animals, birds and insects. This particular image is by an artist named Helena Nelson-Reed. In the back pages of the book you can find the multiple artists that are responsible for each cards image.

This deck arrives in a sturdy cardboard box with a removable lid. This addition is nice for people who store their decks in the original box and open them often. A box like this allows the deck to be used multiple times while still staying protected, rather than the box falling apart so easily.

For an Earth element inspired person who likes variation, this is a perfect Oracle deck. However, if you like a theme to run through your entire deck and have them connect in imagery based on color and design, you may be disappointed.

~review by Keri Nichol

Creator: Steven D. Farmer
Hay House Inc., 2009
pp. #170, $$18.99