Fortune Stellar, by Christiana Gaudet is a book written for those who wish to start up a professional tarot reading business.  However, it's written well enough that it can be used by anyone who wishes to start up any sort of non-mainstream business such as reiki, palm reading, assistance via spellwork and so forth.  Guadet organized this book very well, with the sections and chapters ordered to make sense and and flow in a logical order; starting with writing your mission statement, determining fees and choosing a venue from which to work, and going through ethics, marketing, working with difficult clients, performance style readings and so forth.  In this sense it's very easy to read.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is that she is very general and non-judgmental.  This book is written for everyone, from those who wish to read part time, perhaps for income supplement, to those who wish to do so full time.  Her information, ideas and advice can be used for various circumstances.  Fortune Stellar is not difficult to read at all; and her writing style really causes you to pause and think, seeing how her information can help and how you can work it into your life/business model.

All in all I wasn't sure what to think of this book when I first got it.  However, after reading it I find that it's something anyone could use who wants to start their own non-traditional business and I'm quite thankful to have it as part of my library.  If you've thought of beginning your own non-traditional business, especially in tarot or something related I highly recommend Fortune Stellar!

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Christiana Gaudet
Jupiter Garden Press, 2010
pp. 161, $12.95