This new tarot focuses on polarity healing techniques, an alternative methodology that incorporates a number of complementary therapies. The complex of techniques includes bodywork, exercise, nutrition and communication skills. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981) Polarity Therapy blends complimentary holistic methods with modern medical science. These methods are useful for addressing chronic illnesses, relationships changes, traumas, life-changing experiences, grieving, and end-of-life care. Additional methods may include reflexology, yoga, and healing hands or chakhra attunement methods that may include Reiki or similar techniques of energy realignment.

The “Polarity Wellness Tarot,” subtitled “The first somatic tarot,” uses the tarot structure to focus on specific body areas that may need strengthening or healing. Each card is assigned to a body zone or organ through the elemental, astrological, and chakhra attributions.

The deck is a useful supplemental tool for body workers interested in deepening and healing the mind-body connection by restoring positive energy patterns. For any alternative healing practitioner, a mechanical tool like this is a great energy-saving boon since it directs the practitioner to troubled areas without necessitating a great deal of exhausting, hard-core intuitive work. The indications of the cards include how to move the body’s energy, and what type of touch to use as well. Healers may use these cards to confirm what their manual assessments of a patient indicate, or may use them as a starting point for pin-pointing a client’s body zones that would benefit from attention.

The cards are composed of photo-collages. At the top of each card is a color-coded line of symbols that include zodiac sign and planet glyphs, elemental glyphs, and chakhra symbols. A picture of a human body appears in the lower right hand corner of each card; the relevant body zone is highlighted in color. The images on the trump and court cards are photographic images manipulated to fit traditional tarot imagery. The Picard-style pip cards show the appropriate number suit objects on each card. The background is a very simple taupe matte field. The Court Cards are photos of Nativity figures, an unusual but charming variation in the rendering of the tarot’s people and personality cards.

The LWB included with the deck outlines basic meanings for each card, the relevant occult attributions, and the related body sectors. There is a brief but insightful suggestion for an activity or exercise that can be undertaken by the querent to improve condition of that body sector. Some of these are yoga positions that are well known to be beneficial on multiple levels for improving and sustaining the body’s health and good circulation.

This deck is recommended for practitioners of alternative or complementary healing work, and also for those who are striving to improve their personal health and well-being. Where many tarot decks focus on the mind and spirit, this tarot is dedicated to improving the condition of the human body that contains the mind and spirit. Well done!

~review by E. Hazel
first published in the ATA Quarterly Journal, Winter 2012 issue

Author: Miriam Jacobs