This 56 full color card set (including the book) was designed using high vibration chakra imagery, and positive affirmations. The colors are vibrant, bright and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The cards are 5.75 x 4 inch and are coated in a slight gloss finish for easily handling.

Author Nikki Gresham-Record is known for creating the Healing InSight Method that can be found in her previous released book, Working with Chakras for Belief Change (our review is available here). The book is a great companion read to go along with her latest release of the Chakra Cards, however the reader can use just the cards as well.

Gresham-Record explains that these cards can be used as a tool for therapeutic guidance as well as positive manifestation. She explains a bit about her method, working with the chakra cards, as well as muscle-testing belief programs that all benefit the reader to provide positive personal growth and spiritual development.

The cards themselves are broken down by each chakra. There is a main card followed by 7 chakra aspect cards. Each card will have a description followed by an action. The main cards will also provide an additional Points of Reflection with questions for further thinking. The Belief Change cards focus on the following: Red Root chakra, Orange Sacral chakra, Yellow Solar Plexus chakra, Green Heart chakra, Blue Throat chakra, Purple Third Eye chakra, and the Lavender Crown chakra.

Each card will tell you the area to focus on followed by the beliefs on the back of the card. The booklet will further explain possible actions to help you to change and open up opportunities for growth. The cards are simple to use and are prefect for those wishing to working on clearing blockages, realign the chakras and move forward with a more harmonious life and live for the higher good.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Nikki Gresham-Record
Foghorn Press, 2020
Deck and Book, pp. 160, $19.99